The new Thalia Emergency Medical Services Station 15

    The Virginia Beach Department of Emergency Medical Services​ dedicated the new Thalia Emergency
    Services Station 15 in a ceremony Tuesday, Aug. 25th.

                                                     Photo courtesy: Virginia Beach City Manager's office

    The newly renovated facility is Virginia Beach’s first city-owned, stand-alone EMS station. The facility
    was originally built as a fire station. The firefighters and their equipment relocated to the new Town
    Center Fire Station in 2014.

    This station will improve response times and provide critical support in its primary service area of
    Thalia, Town Center and adjoining neighborhoods and provide support for the four neighboring
    stations: Plaza, Davis Corner, Kempsville and Little Neck.

    The station will be home to four EMS captains (one per shift), four EMS paramedics (one per shift)
    and rescue squad volunteers from across the city. The station has inside parking space for two
    ambulances and covered exterior parking for two additional EMS vehicles.

Halloween in Thalia
Scott Flax
C. Mac Rawls
Vice President/Programs
Carl Swanson
Vice President/Membership
John Shourds
Vice President
Neighborhood Watch
Rose Busetti
Patrick Dowd
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Carl Swanson
Newsletter Editor
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    Public Information Officer Art Kohn from Virginia Beach Fire Department

    My name is Art Kohn and I recently became the first civilian Public Information Officer
    for the Virginia Beach Fire Department. I wanted to introduce myself to all of my
    "Nextdoor Neighbors" and make sure you have my contact information. My office is in
    the Virginia Beach Fire Administration Building which is located on the second floor,
    above Station 7. My Phone number is 757-385-2877 and you can email us at If you have any questions about the fire department, your closest
    fire station, fire prevention, etc. please let me know. I will do my best to get you an
    answer. And while we are talking about Fire Prevention did you know that half (50%) of
    all home heating fires occur in the months of December, January and February? Makes
    sense since those are typically the coldest months of the year right? It also makes sense
    to insure that your fireplace and chimney are in good working order each year but many
    people don't. Here are some simple safety precautions you should consider:

    * Have Chimneys Inspected annually and cleaned as necessary.
    * Keep tops of chimneys clear of tree limbs or debris.
    * Always open the damper before lighting the fire and keep it open until the ashes are
    cool. This will prevent build-up of gases such as carbon monoxide.
    * Choose well seasoned, hard wood for burning in fireplaces or wood stoves. Avoid
    burning pine or scrap lumber as these will cause creosote to accumulate in your

                                                                                         Photo from Art Kohn

    Creosote fires are estimated to have involved four civilian deaths, 15 civilian injuries,
    and $34 million in property damage per year in 2007-2011 according to the National
    Fire Prevention Association.

    Portable space heaters are also responsible for a large number of home fires. I'll have
    more on that topic in our next chat. Until then, stay warm but stay safe!
Seen in

Thalia Manor Sewer Replacement Project

Thalia 4th of July Parade
The sorta 2nd Annual July 4th Parade.

    The parade began at Molly and Danny Howlett's home
    on Greentree Drive where they graciously provided
    donuts, coffee and water.  The route ended at the
    home of Scott and Leah Flax on Thalia Point Road.
    Scott is our civic league president.

    Click the picture to go to the photo album of parade
Scholarship Chairman Bruno Eddy introduces the two scholarship applicants:

Eva Hahn and Kaleigh Berns.

Kaleigh was awarded the 2015 scholarship of $1000.
Eva was awarded a $100 gift certificate.

Read Kaleigh's winning essay by clicking here.

Thalia Civic League
Thursday, May 14, 2015
7:30 pm
Thalia Trinity Presbyterian Church

Graduating high school students read their essays submitted in our
$1,000 scholarship competition.

The winning scholar is: Kaleigh Berns


Click on the 'Scholarship Essays' button in the menu to read her essay.

Eva Hahn was awarded a $100 gift card for her essay.

            $1000 Scholarship
    The Thalia Civic League and the Thalia Garden
    Club are committed to the families of our
    neighborhood and, as we have done in the past,
    will combine to sponsor a $1,000.00
    scholarship for a high school graduate seeking
    to continue his or her education.  

    The recipient for 2016, Nicolas Robichaud, was
    announced at the May 12, 2016 Civic League
    meeting. He will use the scholarship to
    purchase a laptop and books for college.
Thalia Civic League Positions - 2016

    Scott Flax - President

The RED star indicates the
meeting location:

Thalia Trinity Presbyterian
420 Thalia Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Click on the picture to view, on a separate page,  this picture and others as they are published .

Woody's Wonders of Thalia
Scenes of Thalia captured by one of its residents

    The Commissioner of Revenue is currently taking applications. Call to make an appointment: 757-385-4385

    Information on:


    Real estate tax relief is available to Virginia Beach taxpayers qualified under the provisions of the Code of Virginia.  The tax relief offered
    is either a tax exemption ranging from 20% to 100% or deferral.

    The provisions are as follows:

    •         You or your spouse were age 65 by Dec 31 of the previous year.
    •         You or your spouse were permanently disabled by Dec 31 of the previous  year.
              AND... (click the link above for more details).

    There are income and asset limits to be met.

    The City Council has approved four special service districts for neighborhood dredging after adoption of the most recent special service
    district City staff was directed to provide an avenue for deferral of special service district levies for qualifying seniors and disabled
    persons. (Click the link above for more details).

The Thalia 4th of JulyParade

Various City of Virginia Beach
documents are available on


    A membership application can be found by clicking on the menu item at the top of
    the page or on the picture to the left.

    Membership is $10.00/year.

    Your completed application along with your check can be sent along to:

    Thalia Civic League, Inc.
    c/o Mike Dougherty, Treasurer
    631 Lynn Shores Drive
    Virginia Beach, VA 23452

    Virginia Beach has added a new feature to the city web
    site ( that enables citizens to view a five-year
    history of the real estate tax data. This feature was
    developed to help citizens learn more about how their
    property assessments and real estate taxes have
    fluctuated since 2008.

    Citizens may access their real estate tax history at www.
    assessor/Pages/tax-assessment-data. To access the data,
    just enter a street address or GPIN number in the search

The parade started on Greentree Drive and did a quick jog on Thalia Drive and
Road, to Lynnville Crescent, to Cedar Lane and Thalia Point Road. Several dozen
neighbors from Thalia and Birchwood walked and bicycled, and we even had
spectators! Yay, Cedar lane!

Thank you to the Howlett's for hosting the start, and to the Flax's for hosting the

The parade led off with a reading of the Declaration of Independence by Mike

Thanks, Mike!

    As our former Civic League President, Carl Swanson, says: "Stay alert!" Report what you see. If there is
    something weird or different, write it down. If you see suspicious activity, try to get a license number (or
    partial), the year, make and model of the car if there is one. Write down descriptions of suspects.

    But don't put yourself in danger. Call the police!

    Call the non-emergency number: 385-5000 or 911 if the need is urgent.
    Did you know?
    Non Emergency contacts with Virginia Beach Police -  385-5000
    Virginia Beach, Virginia

    Hidden behind the hustle of busy shopping plazas and fast food restaurants on Virginia
    Beach Boulevard is the tranquil community of Thalia. Virginia Beach Boulevard, that hectic
    thoroughfare located less than a block from the neighborhood's entrance, does not affect
    Thalia's peaceful ambiance or the habitat of the many Canada geese, mallards, herons, and
    swans that have made the subdivision their home.

    A single brick column with black iron accents and a small stand of oak trees greets visitors at
    the Thalia Road entrance.  The second brick column was demolished in 2008 to
    accommodate an expansion of the adjacent furniture store.  Bricks from the demolished
    column were donated to Thalia Garden Club whose members have decorated them to sell as
    neighborhood mementos.

    The area, which contains nearly 850 households and boasts its own man-made island, is rich
    in history and legend. During World War II, the land housed German prisoners of war in
    Camp Ashby. The structure housing the current Willis Furniture, which was built in 1937 as
    a tuberculosis hospital, became part of the POW camp in 1942. The barbed wire, guarded
    towers and 20- by 100-foot barracks have long since been replaced by brick ranch, colonial,
    and transitional homes as well as azalea bushes, crepe myrtles, and dogwood trees.  A few of
    the incarcerated German prisoners continue to correspond with local Thalia historians and
    write of the kindness extended to them by local residents during the prisoners’ short stay at
    the local camp.

    A bit of history remains at the end of Thalia Road.  Steinhilber's Thalia Acres Inn, one of
    Virginia Beach's venerable dining traditions, was opened in 1939 by Robert and Marion
    Steinhilber on the foundation of the burned-out Lynnhaven Golf and Country Club
    clubhouse. Members of the Steinhilber family have continued to oversee the riverfront
    restaurant since Robert's death in 1986.

    Area legends tout that Blackbeard may have sailed the nearby branches of the Lynnhaven
    River, but no one has yet been successful in finding any treasure that he left behind.  Other
    stories include maps of an airstrip and horse racing tracks along with a house rumored to
    have been home to a Norfolk madam who wanted to escape the Norfolk city hubbub to live
    in the more subdued Thalia neighborhood.

    Thalia Civic League, a feature of the community since 1953, meets regularly to listen to
    speakers and discuss ways to improve and preserve the treasured character of the
    community. Thalia Garden Club also is active in planting the neighborhood's flowers, using
    seasonal themes, and promoting community projects.

    Thalia is a quiet, peaceful, private community, yet it is situated a short 15-minute drive from
    the beach and only five minutes from the expanded Town Center. Thalia represents the best
    in family living from active community sports leagues for youngsters to various church and
    educational events for the entire family.

    Original text updated and revised by Dee Swanson
    December 10, 2009

    Homeowners met with Public Utilities and the (formerly-URS) AECOM contractor in Fall, 2015. There
    were just a handful of homeowners there so this was a rather property-specific meeting as we asked
    about our individual situations.

    My general impression is that they will work closely with the homeowners when dealing with
    individual properties and concerns. One neighbor had previously contacted them with concerns and
    these were addressed on the blueprints. All costs will be borne by the city, none by the owners. Trees
    will be saved whenever possible (an arborist will be working on the project). Property will be restored.

    Work will begin Spring 2016. Thalia Drive will have some existing utility lines moved slightly, to the
    middle of the road. The project will require work on Thalia Drive more than once.

    Existing lines in the backyards will be abandoned and filled (so, no subsidence) and new lines routed to
    the streets.


    Department of Public Utilities
    Rey De Vera
    Project Manager
    757 385 4171 office

    Stephanie L. Hood
    Project Manager
    757 873 0559 tel
    757 383 6202 direct
    757 390 9618 mobile
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