THALIA  CIVIC  LEAGUE,  INCORPORATED
                           Revised January 7, 2013; approved March 2013


The name of this organization shall be the Thalia Civic League, Incorporated.  As used
hereafter, the unqualified word “league” shall be taken to mean the Thalia Civic League,


The purpose of the League is to promote the general welfare of the residents of the Thalia
Area and to bind them together in friendship and fellowship and to promote civic betterments
through a united effort.  The activities of the League shall be politically non-partisan and
equitable, to all persons, regardless of race, creed, color, gender or national origin.


All residents and/or property owners at least eighteen (18) years of age, living in the Thalia
area are eligible for membership.  This Thalia area is defined as including Thalia Gardens,
Thalia Acres, Thalia Shores, Thalia Manor, Thalia Point, Thalia Forest, and Lynn Shores.  
Included also are the families living on the west side of Lynn Shores Drive from Honeytree
Lane to Virginia Beach Boulevard along with the areas designated as Lampl Court, Elba Court,
and what was originally known as Seeman Court.  On the south side of the area, it is bounded
by, but includes, Shadow Lane, Rundel Lane, and Rumford Lane.


The officers of this League shall be a President, 1st Vice President in charge of Programs, 2nd
Vice President in charge of Membership, 3rd Vice President in charge of the Neighborhood
Watch Program, Secretary, and a Treasurer.  The Board of Directors shall consist of all of the
elected officers.  The election of officers, their term of office, and the administration of the
league shall be as specified by the league By-Laws.


Meetings of the League shall be held at such time and place as specified by the league By-


The By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular or
special meeting of the league provided the change, alteration, or amendment has been
communicated in written form to all of the league members in good standing present at the

                                                  ARTICLE  I  -  MEETINGS

1.  Regular meetings of the league shall be held between 4 and 8
times a year except June, July, and August at such time and place as
may be designated by the Board.  The purpose of these meetings is
to transact business as may properly come before the meeting and

2.  Special meetings shall be called by the President as required and
as deemed necessary by the President or upon the President
receiving a request in writing stating the purpose of the meeting and
signed by ten (10) members in good standing.  Notice of the special
meeting shall be given at the preceding regular meeting or
announced on the website or posted on the announcement board.  
The matter of business at such a meeting shall be limited to that
stated in the notice.

3.  Board of Directors meeting shall occur at least once annually
and/or at the call of the President and/or at the call of any five (5)
members of the Board of Directors.

4.  A quorum for the transaction of business at a regular or special
meeting of the League shall be fifteen (15) members in good standing.

5.  A quorum for the transaction of business at a Board of Directors
meeting shall be no less than three (3) members of the Board and
must include the President.


Officers of the League shall be nominated at the regular October
meeting each year and elected at the regular November meeting of
the League in a manner hereafter prescribed:

1.   Nominations – The President shall appoint a nominating
committee consisting of not less than three (3) members in good
standing at or before the September meeting of each year.  The
committee shall present a slate of officers for the ensuing year.  At
the October meeting, any member of the League may make further
nominations from the floor with the consent of the nominee.  Should
there be more than one nominee for an office, voting shall be by

2.  Election -  At the November or December (final) meeting nominees
shall be voted on and elected for the ensuing year, and not less than
a majority of the votes cast for a candidate for such office shall be
required to elect.

3.  Term of Office – Officers shall hold office from January 1
following election for a term of (1) year and shall be eligible for re-
election to their respective offices.  A vacancy occurring in office
shall be filled by special appointment of the President for the
remainder of the term.

4.  Installation – The new officers shall assume full responsibility of
their offices, as the first order of business, at the regular meeting
following election.


1.  President – It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all
meetings, to represent and act as spokesperson for the League at all
social functions and in contacts and business relations with other
organization, individuals, businesses, and government bodies.  
He/She shall appoint Ad Hoc committees, committees, and special
committees as necessary to carry out programs and functions
approved by the League.

2.  1st Vice President – In the absence of the President the 1st Vice
President shall act as such and shall be responsible for the meeting
and all meeting programs.

3.  2nd Vice President – The 2nd Vice President shall create and
conduct a yearly membership drive.  He/She shall make a special
effort to acquire new members.  Contact all new individuals and
families moving into Thalia, explain the League’s objectives, and
invite them to join the Thalia Civic League, Inc.  He/She shall maintain
a computer data base consisting of the names, addresses, telephone
numbers, and e-mail addresses of all members to the extent possible.

4.  3rd Vice President – The 3rd Vice President shall maintain the
Neighborhood Watch Program within the league’s geographical
boundaries.  He/She shall work in conjunction with and within the
guidelines of the Virginia Beach Police Department and report all
community crime at each meeting of the league.

5.  Secretary – The Secretary shall issue notices of all meetings, keep
an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings, and such
other duties as may be required and/or designated by the President
and By-Laws.

6.  Treasurer – The Treasurer shall have charge of all league funds,
depositing the same to the credit of the league in any bank
designated by the league.  He’She shall make all collections of annual
donations, pay all bills authorized by the President, Board of
Directors, and/or league, maintain, and keep on file a current record
of league accounts, receipts, and disbursements and present a
balance statement at each meeting.  The Treasurer shall make the
league’s accounts and records available for audit annually by the
finance and audit committee.

7.  Board of Directors – The Board of Directors shall consist of all
elected officers of the league.  The Board of Directors shall have
administrative and emergency management authority of the league,
and in connection therewith, shall have the authority to employ
counsel and to make duly approved expenditures on behalf of the
league.  Emergency Management Authority constitutes a situation or
condition whereas it is not feasible for reasons of expediency to hold
a regular or special meeting of the league.


The President shall appoint Ad Hoc committees as needed to
facilitate operation of the league and ease the administrative duties
of the officers.  The President shall appoint the following standing
committees and designate a chairperson:  

1.  Scholarship Committee  
2.  Publicity and Communications Committee  
3.  Finance and Audit Committee


1.  Scholarship Committee – Set criteria for awarding scholarship(s)
to graduating high school Thalia residents who are pursuing
education at a higher level, as funds are available.  

2.  Publicity and Communications Committee – Publish and distribute
a league newsletter, flyers and/or other correspondence as
appropriate to communicate the business and happenings of the
league and community, Website Webmaster and announcement

3.  Finance and Audit – Develop and present a yearly budget to the
league for approval and use, if needed.  Audit the Treasurer’s
accounts and records annually.  The Audit Team shall consist of a
minimum of two (2) members during the audit of the Treasurer’s
accounts and records.

4.  Ad Hoc Committees are to serve at the pleasure and direction of
the President concerning matters of interest to the League that are
not associated with the other standing committee duties listed.

5.  Committee Chairpersons are invited and encouraged to attend
Board of Directors’ meetings and report on the activities of their
committee, if active.


The membership fee shall be ten dollars ($10.00) annually for each
family for the membership Calendar year, January 1 through
December 31.  Fees are due and payable at the first meeting of the
year.  For a member to be in good standing and eligible to vote, dues
for the current year must be paid.


1. Any person accepting membership in the League is expected to
abide by the Constitution and By-laws.

2.  At all meetings of the league, rules of order as found in Robert’s
Rules of Order shall prevail.

3.  Normally, regular meetings of the League will be held in the
evening starting at 7:30 p.m.  Special meetings may be held at any
time and place designated by the President and/or as specified by
these By-Laws.

4.  Members must be present to vote and there shall not be more
than two (2) votes per family allowed on any single issue of business
coming up for vote at any meeting of the league.

5.  All members are requested to make a special effort to attend each
regular meeting of the league and to participate in the planning and
coordination of activities and events of the league.

6.  All members are requested to report to the Hospitality and
membership Committee Chairpersons all moving-in and moving-out
activity in their immediate neighborhood.

7.  All members are requested to make a special effort to sign up new

8.  All members are expected to serve to the best of their ability on
committees and projects when called or asked to do so by the

9.  All members are requested to provide news items of community
interest for publication in the league newsletter.  Inputs for
publication are subject to approval and editing by the newsletter
editor and/or the Publicity and Communication Committee.

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