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    Thalia-Buchannan Creek Dredging Project Update 9/15/2012
    (Submitted by Sid Rader)

    Over the course of the past several months, all identified waterfront property owners in our various Thalia Neighborhoods, including
    Thalia Point, Thalia Acres, Thalia Shores, and Lynn Shores have been contacted in person or by mail relative to the proposed dredging
    project.  A sufficient number of positive responses were received, and a formal request for the assessment has been drafted and
    forwarded to the Deputy City Manager and City Engineers responsible.

    It is important for all Thaila property owners to understand that if the project moves forward, only the waterfront property owners adjacent
    to the identified canals to be dredged will be affected by an increase in property tax. The Special Service Districts (SSDs) that will be
    created will be unique in that only those properties on the water will experience the increased tax.  No upfront money or payments will be
    required.  It is also important to understand that this tax will not take effect until after formal approval of the special district by the City
    Council and the signing of all necessary documents.

    It is even more important for all members of  Thalia neighborhoods to realize that every household within Thalia will reap benefits from
    this project.  Increased property values along the waterways will increase the value of property throughout Thalia.  Every ditch, storm
    drain, culvert, and road surface in our neighborhoods ultimately drains directly into Thalia-Buchannan Creek.  All cigarette butts, candy
    wrappers, pine cones, beer cans, grass clippings, leaves,  pine straw, and many things not mentioned ultimately end up in the storm
    drains, culverts, ditches and then the Thalia-Buchannan Creek waterways.

    With concerns about global warming, rising sea levels, increased tide levels, and the threat of coastal flooding from extreme weather
    conditions and major storms, we need to better manage our waterways.  The dredging project assists us in accomplishing this aim.  
    Those of you that live on Lynn Shores and Edinburgh need only remember the level of rising water that occurs during a summer
    thunderstorm to realize the importance of the dredging projects for all of us.  

    More specific details about proposed dredging projects, identified neighborhoods, timelines, and most other answers to questions can
    be found by visiting the City of Virginia Beach web site at the following URL:
    communications-group/hot-topics/Pages/default.aspx.  There you will find an up to date posting of materials relevant to the Neighborhood
    Dredging Project.

    Future announcements about scheduled meetings will be posted in the Virginia Beach Beacon, this newsletter, the civic league website
    and the new Thalia Civic League/Garden Club Information Board.

    September 2012 Newsletter
    Creek Dredging

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm by President Rose Busetti at Thalia Trinity Presbyterian Church.  

Items that concerned the dredging project:

UNFINISHED BUSINESS - City is talking about dredging the main channels of the area.  The transfer station is at the fire station.  Mac Rawls made a motion to
study the cost of dredging and the real estate tax that would be incurred.  The Thalia Dredging Waterfront Committee was formed and discussion was held.  The
Civic League should have a meeting on the dredging.  There are no records from years ago.  Getting interest in the dredging is a priority.  President Busetti
asked Mr. Rawls if he would chair the committee.  Mr. Rawls and Charles Seaks will co-chair the committee.  The residents who live on the water should be
encouraged to get together.


Mac Rawls made a motion to study the cost of dredging and the real estate tax that would be incurred.  The Thalia Dredging Waterfront Committee was formed
and discussion was held.  The Civic League should have a meeting on the dredging.  There are no records from years ago.  Getting interest in the dredging is a
priority.  President Busetti asked Mr. Rawls if he would chair the committee.  Mr. Rawls will co-chair the committee with Charles Seaks.

A motion was made to conclude the meeting and was passed.

    At the March 21, 2013 Civic League meeting, V.P. in Charge
    of Programs Mac Rawls, introduced his committee that has
    been working on Dredging.  John Shourds, Michelle Exum
    and Sid Rader spoke about the proposed dredging with 72 %
    of Thalians living on the water said “yes” to dredging;
    9% said “no” and 14% have not responded.  Some
    questions were answered; others need to be addressed by
    the city.

    The city will present more information to the public at a
    dredging meeting April 10th at Princess Anne High school.

    Thalia-Buchannan Creek Dredging Committee Update
    (Submitted by Sid Rader) April 2, 2013

    Since 2010, a group of volunteers within the Thalia, Kings Grant and Birchwood-Malibu neighborhoods have been
    working with members of our city staff to assist with developing and implementing a successful dredging and maintenance
    project for Thalia-Buchannan Creek.  The City of Virginia Beach Public Works Coastal Management Division is responsible
    for the Neighborhood Channel Dredging Projects and is employing the new SSD – Special Service District as a means of
    implementing and managing the various neighborhood dredging projects that have been identified.

           Sid Rader was elected to serve as the Committee Chair and Michele Exum as Secretary.  Mac Rawls and John Shourds,
    originally appointed by our Thalia Civic League President, Rose Bussetti, to serve as co-chairs are now serving as key
    members of the lead or steering committee for the project.

           Many other members of the various neighborhoods within the Thalia-Buchannan Creck district have also served as
    Street Captains and have assisted in contacting and surveying all of the waterfront property owners to be affected by the
    project.  All initial surveys and contacts are complete and we are now at the point of scheduling a community-wide meeting
    at which the City Staff will present the parameters and essential details of the project to the affected property owners as well
    as other members of our community.


           At the last TCL Meeting held on Thursday, March 21 at 7:30 p.m., Mac Rawls organized and introduced a Thalia
    Buchannan Creek Dredge Presentation that was given by John Shourds, Michele Exum and Sid Rader.  These three
    members of the TCL discussed the progress of the Thalia-Buchannan Creek Dredge Project to date and provided
    information about the meeting scheduled by the city staff for Princess Anne High School on Wednesday, April 10 at 7:00 p.
    m.  Sid had enhanced the presentation with slides and included photographs showing construction progress for the Thalia
    Dredged Material Transfer Station.  As an added feature photographs of the construction of the new Fire Station #7
    (replacement for Thalia Volunteer Fire Station) being built adjacent to the Witchduck Post Office on Cleveland Street were


    All interested members of the Thalia, Birchwood, Malibu, & Kings Grant neighborhoods are invited to attend the
    upcoming meeting at PAHS on Wednesday, April 10 at 7:00 receive first-hand the information from the city staff
    about the Potential Buchannan Creek Navigation Special Service District.  
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