Crime Prevention Unit

    The Virginia Beach Police Department reports that flat-screen televisions are proving to be a hot
    ticket item for thieves in the city.  With the holidays approaching, it is a good idea to be especially
    vigilant.  If you purchase a flat-screen television, please do not leave the cardboard box that it came
    in sitting beside your recycle bin; that is simply a ready advertisement to potential thieves about
    the items that await them inside your home.  Also, be certain to jot down the serial number (located
    on the back of the set).  If your set is stolen and later recovered, the serial number will provide proof
    to the police that the television set belongs to you.
    Did you know?
    Non Emergency contacts with Virginia Beach Police -  385-5000
    As our former Civic League President, Carl Swanson, says: "Stay alert!" Report what you see. If there is
    something weird or different, write it down. If you see suspicious activity, try to get a license number (or
    partial), the year, make and model of the car if there is one. Write down descriptions of suspects.

    But don't put yourself in danger. Call the police!

    Call the non-emergency number: 385-5000 or 911 if the need is urgent.

    GPS units are a favorite target. Police say over 600 GPS units
    were stolen in Virginia Beach in the first nine months of 2009.

    Don't mark a 'Favorite' in your GPS labeled as your 'Home'. Give
    your home another name. If thieves steal your GPS while you are
    in a store, for instance, they won't know how to ransack your
    home while you are away. They won't know where your home is.

    HOME SECURITY – DID YOU KNOW?            

    The Virginia Beach Police Department is seeing an increase in burglaries where large screen televisions in particular are being
    targeted.  With the holidays approaching in the next couple of months, now is the time to take action.  The following tips can reduce
    your chances of being burglarized:

    •        Make sure exterior doors are solid hardwood or metal-clad with deadbolt locks
    •        Have a wide-angle peep-hole in the front door and never open your door to a stranger
    •        Make sure glass panels near or around doors are shatter-proof
    •        Make sure all doors, including the garage door, and windows are securely locked when leaving
    •        Shrubs and bushes should be trimmed back to eliminate hiding spots
    •        Keep lights on around all entrances of the house at night
    •        Make sure your house number is clearly displayed and visible from street
    •        Keep a list of the make, model & serial number of all electronics and valuables; photograph or videotape all valuables and keep
    the list  &  photos/videos in a secure place
    •        Call the Police Non-emergency number (385-5000) immediately if you notice suspicious person(s) or activity in the area; call
    911 for emergencies (crimes in progress)
    •        Participate in Neighborhood Watch; if you don’t have one in your community, now’s the time to start one!


    •        Set up light timers for interior lights to go on and off inside your home at night; dusk to dawn lights should be installed on
    exterior light fixtures
    •        Have a trusted neighbor bring in your newspaper, mail, and miscellaneous flyers and ads every day
    •        Ask that trusted neighbor if he or she would park their car in your driveway to give the appearance house is still occupied

    Please contact the VBPD Crime Prevention Unit at 385-1757
    for further tips on how to stay safe!

New Crime Fighting Technology

Release Date:  Wednesday, January 19, 2011  11:45 a.m.

For the first time, mobile phone and computer users in Virginia Beach now have the ability to provide anonymous crime fighting tips through the
power of anonymous text messaging and online Web Tips.

Virginia Beach Crime Solvers, Inc and CrimeReports, the industry leader in law enforcement tip management software, have joined together to
provide this service which allows citizens to send anonymous tips through a text message from a mobile phone or an online message from their

The popularity of text messaging has created a significant opportunity for the public to help us fight crime. The ability for any citizen who owns a
mobile phone or computer to assist in crime solving is of great importance to us and we are excited to play such a pivotal role in the transmission
of these crime-fighting tips.   There is no doubt that this program will dramatically increase our law enforcement capabilities.

Using Text‐A‐Tip, information is anonymously received and securely replied to with complete confidence. The service was built specifically to
allow text messaging or computer tipsters to remain anonymous by encrypting the text or online message and routing them through several
secure servers, protecting the personal details of the tipster.

It also allows us to respond to the originating tipster without ever knowing their identity. The user’s information is always given an alias and a
unique ID before being sent. This secure application allows the tipster and the investigator to have a two‐way dialog while always keeping the
user’s identity completely anonymous.

Citizens now have Three Ways to submit their tip securely and anonymously:

By “Phone” calling
1-888-LOCK-U-UP (1-888-562-5887)

By “Cell” texting "
VBTIP" plus the message to “CRIMES” (274637)

By “Computer” logging onto and selecting “Submit a Tip

Thalia Civic League,
Serving the Thalia Community since 1953

Home Security
Did you know?
    Non Emergency
    contacts with
    Virginia Beach

    Because of recent property crimes in Thalia, a special meeting to
    discuss home security and crime prevention was held at Thalia
    Elementary School on Tuesday, June 18th, 2013.

    Mark Wilging of Coastal Security Group joined us to discuss tips on how to reduce the
    chance of a break-in, and demonstrated some of the latest products his company

           Officer Shank from the Virginia Beach Police Department spoke about recent crime
    problems and stressed the importance of calling 911 when you see something
    suspicious. CALL THE POLICE FIRST, then make whatever other calls you need to
    make. That gives the police a better chance of finding the individual(s) you find

           School is out now and there will be young people wandering about. Remember:
    Curfew for youths under 18 years of age is 11PM, unless they are in front of their own

           John Shourds is our Neighborhood Watch coordinator. He shared information
    about our Neighborhood Watch program. Report any suspicious activity to him as well,
    AFTER you have called the police. His number is: 696-1997. He will share any
    information he gets with officer Shank, who also attends our civic league meetings on a
    regular basis.

If you have questions or
information concerning
neighborhood security,
please make them known to
John Shourds:

Neighborhood Watch
email address:


    Neighborhood Watch Meeting 6/18/13 - Notes courtesy of Joanna Wauhop:

    Meeting Conducted by John Shourds- Neighborhood Watch Coordinator (NWC)

    Sales Presentation by Coastal Security-757-453-6900

    Officer Shank from VBPD spoke about general info regarding crime and our neighborhood, etc. He actually said that our REPORTED   
    crime rate is low in comparison to other parts of the city. They do expect increases during the summer months with students out of  school.

    Neighborhood Watch:

    What is it? The VBPD communicates with NWC, John Shourds, about items of interest to our neighborhood.

    How do we get involved?

    Report all incidents/crimes to the police first-even if nothing of great value is stolen, Office Shank said you can call and say you do not need
    an officer to respond but you want to fill out an incident report. He assured us that we are not burdening the police by doing so. The more
    reports we file, the better chance they have of establishing a pattern or connecting the incidents together by time and location.

    Call or email our neighborhood watch after calling the police - John Shourds   757-696-1997.

    Join Facebook/Email list- Join “Thalia Neighbors” group on Facebook or send an email to to be put on the
    Neighborhood Watch email distribution list.

    Go to the meetings/Get involved- Lack of participation in civic league has been brought up on several issues (dredging, neighborhood
    watch, etc.) Next meeting in September. Don’t complain and then not show up at meetings or volunteer to help  change things.

    LOCK YOUR HOME AND YOUR CAR-make it difficult/time-consuming for someone to get in your home or car. They are looking for quick

    Install better lighting around your home-We live in an older neighborhood that can be very dark at night because of the outdated
    lighting on some homes and trees, etc.

    Install a security system/camera/alarm- There were a few options presented at the meeting- private company, Logitech system from
    Best Buy, etc.

    GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS!-You don’t have to be best friends but at least know if something is unusual or if they are out of town,
    etc. Exchange phone numbers.

    Backup your computer files with an offsite storage provider or hard drive that is away from your home.- Someone spoke last night of lost
    photos and documents because his whole computer and attached hard drive were stolen.

    Deliverymen (i.e. newspaper, etc) can also be checking for unlocked vehicles.


    As Civic League member Carl Swanson, says: "Stay alert!"
    Report what you see. If there is something weird or different,
    write it down. If you see suspicious activity, try to get a
    license number (or partial), the year, make and model of the
    car if there is one. Write down descriptions of suspects.

    But don't put yourself in danger. Call the police!

    Call the non-emergency number: 385-5000 or 911 if the
    need is urgent.

    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – April 29, 2013 – The city of Virginia Beach is pleased to announce that citizens can now sign up to receive
    VBAlert text message and email notifications by going to

    VBAlert is the city’s emergency notification system, and until recently, its functionality was limited to the delivery of voice
    recorded messages to landline telephones within the city limits.  Now, anyone can sign up to receive these alerts by text message
    on their cell phone or other mobile device, as well as in their email inbox, regardless of whether or not they live in Virginia Beach.

    Registration is required in order to receive alerts via text message and/or email. During the registration process, users have the
    opportunity to identify areas of interest on an electronic map and designate one or more email addresses and/or mobile devices to
    which they want the alerts sent.  Registered users will receive VBAlert messages that correspond to the area(s) they have identified
    on the map.

    Events that may generate a VBAlert message include:

       Evacuation notices
       Rabid animal alerts
       Hostage/barricade situations
       Boil water advisories
       Weather warnings (tornadoes, flash floods, severe thunderstorms)

    Anyone interested in receiving alert notifications from the city of
    Virginia Beach, delivered to their email, cell phone or other mobile
    device, should register at

    When you consider that an increasing percentage of the population
    prefers to receive information on a mobile device, this enhancement
    to the city’s VBAlert system is an important step in keeping the public
    informed about incidents affecting our city.
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