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Thalia Civic League, Inc.
Serving the Thalia Community since 1953
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Thalia Trinity Presbyterian
420 Thalia Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

    City Council Briefed on Arena
    Financial Impact

    Studies Support Previous Projections

    Posted:   Tuesday, November 13, 2012 · 06:00 pm

    The results of two studies into the feasibility of an arena in
    Virginia Beach were presented to the City Council today.  The
    studies, which were requested by City Council, were
    conducted by BARMAC, Inc. and independently by
    Convention, Sports and Leisure International (CSL, Inc.).  
    They determined that:

    1. The arena would be a financial boon to the city and the
    region, producing $92 million in net new spending for
    Virginia Beach, $152 million in total output and create 1,230
    jobs.  Net new fiscal impact was projected at $8.9 million
    annually.  This is an increase over the $5.2 million estimate
    provided by Dr. James Koch, which was based on earlier
    assumptions in a study by Comcast-Spectacor.

    2. Demographically, the Virginia Beach market is comparable
    to many existing major-league sports markets.

    3. The factual assumptions from Comcast-Spectacor,
    embodied in the Koch report, are largely on target.

    4. Southeast Virginia lacks a large state-of-the-art venue.  
    Creating one would open the market to many large shows and
    sporting events.

    5. The city is on the right track.  There is still a lot of work to
    do as Virginia Beach negotiates with potential partners.

    Revised January 7, 2013; approved March 21, 2013


    The name of this organization shall be the Thalia Civic League, Incorporated.  As used hereafter, the unqualified word “league”
    shall be taken to mean the Thalia Civic League, Incorporated.


    The purpose of the League is to promote the general welfare of the residents of the Thalia Area and to bind them together in
    friendship and fellowship and to promote civic betterments through a united effort.  The activities of the League shall be politically
    non-partisan and equitable, to all persons, regardless of race, creed, color, gender or national origin.

    The new Constitution as voted on at the March 21, 2013 meeting. Click this text to see the entire constitution.
    Mayor Sessoms’ Annual State of the City Address on
       and on Cox Channel 48 and Verizon Channel 45

    As part of the State of the City Series, sponsored by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, Virginia Beach Mayor William
    This is Mayor Sessoms’ fifth State of the City address since taking office on Jan. 1, 2009. He highlighted last year’s
    accomplishments and shared his vision for the future.

    The State of the City address is scheduled to be rebroadcast on Cox Channel 48 and Verizon Channel 45 beginning Monday,
    March 18, at 5 a.m. through Saturday, April 6, as scheduled below:

    ·         Mondays – 5 a.m.
    ·         Tuesdays – 9 p.m.
    ·         Wednesdays – 8 a.m.
    ·         Fridays – 9 p.m.
    ·         Saturdays – midnight & 3 p.m.
    ·         Sundays – 6 p.m.

    The entire text of the speech is available online at

Summary, Operating Budget and Capital Improvement
Program to council March 26th.
    Crime Rate Drops to Lowest Level Since

    Friday, February 01, 2013 · 04:00 pm

    The 2012 Part I Crime rate for Virginia Beach was 28.1 crimes per
    1,000 residents, the lowest since 1965.  Part I Crimes include both
    violent crimes -- homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault; and
    property crimes -- burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson.  
    Annually, law enforcement agencies nationwide must report all crime
    uniformly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

    For 2012, violent crime, which accounts for only 6.0% of our reported
    Part I Crimes, decreased by 2.4% when compared to 2011.  Homicides
    increased 40.0% from 15 to 21.  Robberies decreased 22.3% from 412
    to 320.  Aggravated assaults increased 19.5% from 292 to 349.  Rapes
    increased 17.2% from 58 to 68.  The Part I Crime rate for violent crime
    is 1.7 crimes per 1,000 residents for the City of Virginia Beach.  

    Property crime accounted for 94.0% of reported Part I Crime and
    decreased 3.4%.  Burglaries decreased 23.1% and larcenies increased
    0.7%.  Motor vehicle thefts decreased 0.4% and arsons decreased
    10.5%.  The Part I Crime rate for property crime is 26.4 crimes per
    1,000 residents.   

    The Virginia Beach Police Department cleared 65.2% of violent crime
    cases during 2012 and 29.6% of property crime cases.  According to
    the most recent figures from the FBI’s 2011 Crime in the United States,
    the average violent crime clearance rate for all cities with a population
    of 250,000 or more was 40.0% and the average property crime
    clearance rate was 13.7%.

    Chief James Cervera said, “We are pleased that our overall crime rate
    has continued to decline over a 10- year period.  Last year violent
    continuous above national average clearance rate is a direct result of
    highly trained and educated officers and staff of the Virginia Beach
    Police Department.  We also commend our highly successful Crime
    Solvers program and tireless citizen participation in keeping our city
    safe.  We vow to remain focused on proactive crime prevention
    strategies and our goal-oriented focus on neighborhood issues
    revealed in 1400 door-to- door surveys.  We will continue to reduce
    crime in 2013 using community partners and technology to allocate
    manpower where it is needed the most to ensure that Virginia Beach
    remains one of the safest cities in the nation."
    Virginia Beach City Landfill to Be Closed on Mondays

    The Virginia Beach Landfill will be closed on Mondays beginning Monday, March 19, 2012. It will continue to
    operate on Tuesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

    “Going from six days per week to five days per week still provides residents of Virginia Beach substantial access
    to landfill disposal,” said John C. Barnes, Waste Management Administrator. “It allows us to consolidate staff
    and reduce our costs of the landfill while continuing to exceed regulatory requirements.”

    The City Landfill is a municipal solid waste facility that is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency
    (EPA) and the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The landfill allows disposal of residential waste,
    including a household hazardous waste and metals recycling facility, along with yard waste and recycling drop

    For additional information, please contact Steve Uperti, Landfill Superintendent, at (757) 385-1981, or Linda
    Minner with Waste Management, at (757) 385-8595.
    The Envision Virginia
    Beach 2040
    committee has
    released its report as
    to the look of Virginia
    beach in the year

    Virginia Beach has added a new feature to the city
    web site ( that enables citizens to view
    a five-year history of the real estate tax data. This
    feature was developed to help citizens learn more
    about how their property assessments and real
    estate taxes have fluctuated since 2008.
    Citizens may access their real estate tax history at
    estate-assessor/Pages/tax-assessment-data, click
    on "more topics on the right hand side, then click
    on real estate tax data. To access the data, just
    enter a street address or GPIN number in the
    search box.
Councilman Bill DeSteph
Conducts Town Hall Meeting
May 1, 2013

Audience questions and comments dealt with the violence and crowds at
the oceanfront the previous weekend.

The meeting was held to address concerns from the business community and citizens.  
Police Chief Jim Cervera, Sheriff Ken Stolle and councilman John Moss were also on hand to
answer questions.

DeSteph says he wants citizens to email him with their thoughts on Oceanfront violence and solutions.

Councilman Moss says any Beach citizen who wants to can call his cell to share thoughts:

    A Note from Heidi Pocklington:

    I (and one other person in this neighborhood) am a beekeeper.  I think, even with the exposure in the news about honeybee
    die-offs, people need to be reminded about the dangers of the stuff they buy off the shelf.  Unfortunately products that are
    harmful to bees are still available, despite all the hand-wringing and perceived concern.  I have observed people poufing
    Malathion powder on their flowers and even directly on their vegetables.

    Here are a few suggestions that you could use when gardening:

    Do not apply insecticides that are toxic to bees (all types of bees) on crops in bloom.  READ THE LABEL.

    Apply insecticides in late evening, night or early morning while bees are not foraging (generally between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.)
    Evening applications are less hazardous to bees than early morning applications. Warm days and nights can extend the
    foraging period; therefore applications may be necessary later in the evening or earlier in the morning under unusually
    warm conditions.

    Do not apply insecticides when cool temperatures are expected after treatment. Residues will remain toxic to bees for a
    much longer time under cool conditions. Use insecticides that are least toxic to bees. If it says harmful to bees, don't use it.  
    Period. Choose the least hazardous insecticide formulation. Emulsifiable formulations normally have a shorter residual
    toxicity to bees than wettable powders and flowables which, in addition to having residual characteristics can be more
    easily picked up from the flowering plant while bees are gathering pollen. Translation: powders are worse than liquids.

    I hope you will find a place in your gardening activities for this information.  Keeping bees is a lot of work, and it is
    extremely disheartening to find a bunch of dead bees in front of a hive.

    Thank you,
    Heidi Pocklington

    Just an FYI…

    Parking at the Resort?
    Use Your Cell Phone
    to Pay at Meters

    New App Now Available

    Driving to the beach at the Oceanfront?

    Your cell phone can help.

    The City has unveiled a new smartphone app – Parkmobile – to help drivers pay at on-street parking meters, without coins.

    New meters have been installed at the resort. All of them accept coins, credit cards and payments by Parkmobile. Install the app on
    your phone, enter your credit
    card number, and you’re ready to go. Meter about to expire? Pay for more time from your beach blanket or restaurant table.
    Parkmobile will send a reminder
    when your parking session is about to expire. (Just remember: There’s a three-hour limit on metered parking.)  Find the app at your
    phone’s app store.

    Another free app, ParkMe, displays maps of parking lots and garages at the resort. Find the app at your phone’s app store.

    Check out the Linkspage in the menu
    above left. It lets you navigate to websites
    of news organizations, state and local
    government, our local churches and search

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account, you can join some of
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Reposted from the Thalia Neighbors Facebook page.

    BACKGROUND: The Thalia Civic League has been an active part of the Thalia community since the Civic
    Leagues formation in 1953.  Through this scholarship award, it is the intent of the Civic League to encourage
    and reward Thalia neighborhood high school students for their academic achievements, and continued
    participation in neighborhood and citywide civic/community activities.

    Our 2013 scholarship recipient is:  Ally Carroll

    She plans to attend James Madison University in the fall with the aim of
    becoming an elementary school teacher.

    Her scholarship essay will be published soon.
Scholarship Finalists

Erin Bradshaw  --  Ally Carroll  --  Nicholas Davidson  --  Kelly Kirby -- Chris Smith      
Chris Smith               Ally Carroll     Erin Bradshaw     Kelly Kirby
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Severe Weather
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A little history

Station 7 - Thalia

Thalia Station 7 prepares to
move to the new fire station
this week. The old sign came
down Sunday, April 6th, 2014.
The end of an era
Firefighters Justin Cooke, Bryce Sparks and Captain Danny Schreiner take down the sign on
the old fire station, April 6, 2014.
March 20, 2014 Civic League Meeting

First meeting with Scott Flax as the new
President of the Thalia Civic League

    Scott Wawner of Virginia Beach's Economic
    Development Department was on hand as
    the guest speaker, bringing league members
    up to date on projects in Town Center and
    the Pembroke Strategic Growth Area. More
    rental apartments, office space and retail will
    soon be opening in Town Center. The new
    Walmart on Virginia Beach Boulevard will
    present a bit more urban look along the
    street while allowing for a bit of relaxing
    park space along one side.

    He said Town Center is successful, bringing
    revenue growth and reversing a trend
    toward lower property values in years past.

    Wawner presented slides showing the
    Pembroke area as it will look in future years,
    with improvements to the look of our
    thoroughfares and the trend toward a more
    urban look in the area.

    He sees mass transit as a must to deal with
    increasing population growth.

    Scott brought up a proposal for the Civic
    League to sponsor a small Fourth of July
    parade as a means of having Thalia
    residents  meet each other and generate
    interest in the Civic League. Residents
    interested in this project should call or
    email Scott.

    --  ph: 353-1539

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Dredging Information
The Supermoon viewed from Thalia,
October 26th, 2015.
Snow Seen
in Thalia
12th, 2016

    ''Mrs. Pickle' at Thalia Elementary honored by ABC's
    Good Morning America

    Thalia Elementary's own wonderful
    art teacher, Heather Piccoli, was
    honored on ABC's Good Morning
    America feature, 'Above and Beyond',
    for her in-school campaign against
    bullying called, 'Just Be'.

    Click the link below to see the video.
    (You have to watch a commercial.)