Yardwork Timesaver

This method works well for me. Put your clear plastic yard waste
bags into a garbage can to hold it erect while you pile leaves into it.
Buy a sturdy 40-gallon plastic trash barrel. Cut or drill two one-inch holes
under the handles. This allows air to escape the can as you fill the bags. You
can drill a couple of holes towards the bottom also if you won't be using the
can for trash or liquids.
Stretch a 39-gallon
draw-string leaf bag
over the lip of the can
and start filling. It is
fast and easy.
Drilling a couple of
holes towards the
bottom will help the
filled bags slide out.
When your bag is full, pull the drawstrings closed and tie the loops. Then
tip the can over and dump the bag out. (That's where the air holes come
in handy.)
Don't overfill the bags (as I do)
unless you like them heavy!
To save myself a little wear and tear, I
drag the can (with the bag still in it) to
where I will store the leaf bags, pending
pickup on trash day. Just tip out the bag
when you get there.
Submitted by:

Patrick Dowd
November 20, 2009
Thalia Civic League, Inc.
Serving the Thalia Community since 1953